Fingerprint touch safe


Brief introduction

Fingerprint touch safe uses the fingerprint touch sensor FSC2002A which is research and develop by FINCHOS to acquire and identify fingerprint information, it can be unlock when users pass the fingerprint identification, or inter the right password.


1. Combination of biological identification technology and password technology

2. OLED screen display, easy to operate

3. Voice prompt

4. Vibration alarming, move alarming, anti-unclench alarming

5. The administer with the highest authority can add and delete the fingerprint or password

6. The information of that when and who opened the safe were recorded and can be read


1. Unlock method: fingerprint, password

2. Capacity of fingerprint: 1000

3. Voice reminding: Chinese or English

4. DPI: 500DPI

5. Identify Speed: less than 0.6s

6. Operation humidity: 0%-80%

7. Operation temperature: -20°C-65°C

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