Legal Statement

Legal Statement

In 1, the site contained text / graph manuscripts are out of the public dissemination of health information purposes, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the authenticity, we not scientific, serious as any form of guarantee. Like other media, online or download from the personal use shall own the copyright and other legal obligations.

In 2, the site where marked "source: Chengdu equation electronic limited company" all text, pictures and audio and video releases is the site of the original content, the copyright is the equation of all, any media, websites or individuals without the agreement authorization shall not be reproduced, links website, posted or otherwise reproduce published. Already this net agreement authorized by the media, web site, download the use must be marked "articles source: Chengdu equation Electronic Company Limited", offender this net will investigate duty lawfully.

In 3, all of the websites of all articles, pictures, audio and video files and other data copyright belongs to the copyright holders, the station adopted the original articles and pictures and other content to one one and copyright contact, if the net content of selected articles authors and editors considered their work should not be online for everyone here, or should not use free of charge, please e-mail or call us, to quickly take the appropriate measures to both sides, avoid causing unnecessary economic losses.

4, to have authorized the exclusive use of the station to station data copyright articles, pictures and other information, if must reprint, is required to obtain the consent of the owner and copyright.

Chengdu equation Electronic Company Limited disclaimer

1, once you have direct or indirect access, use of Chengdu equation electronic limited company website, said that you voluntarily accept the following terms.

2, Chengdu equation Electronic Company Limited on all data are presented as a general reference, should not be considered an offer to sell, in order to invite or to visit the person of any proposed investment decision-making. User expressly agreed to Chengdu equation electronic limited company station information service use by the user at personal risk. Chengdu equation electronic limited company without warranty of any kind, do not guarantee service will certainly be able to meet the requirements of users, does not guarantee services will not be interrupted, for the timeliness of services, security, error occurs not guarantee. User understands and accepts: any through Chengdu equation electronic limited station service to obtain the information of reliability depends on the user, to the user at this site access data resulting from any direct, related, consequential, indirect or loss of money does not assume any liability.

In 3, the website data is protected by applicable copyright law protection. Content includes: text, voice, video, software, pictures, charts; all content in the advertisement; email all content; Chengdu equation electronic limited station for the user to provide business information. All of these content copyright, trademark, label and other property rights law protection. Therefore, the user only in Chengdu equation Electronic Company Limited stations and advertisers can use these authorized, but not copy, tamper with the content, or the creation and the content of the relevant product.

4, because the user tell the personal password to others or shared with others registered account, which led to the disclosure of any personal information, this website will not bear any responsibility. When the government judicial organs in accordance with the legal procedures require the website disclosure of personal information, we will according to the requirement of the law enforcement agencies or for public safety purposes to provide personal information. In the case of any disclosure, this website all have exemption.

In 5, the site as a result of system maintenance and upgrades required to suspend service, will announce in advance. If the lines and the control range of hardware failure or other force majeure which led to the suspension of service, in the service period is suspended all caused inconvenience and loss, this website will not bear any responsibility. Any of the hacker attack, computer virus invasion or attack, because government regulation caused by the temporary closure of affecting the normal operation of the network of force majeure caused by the leakage of personal data, lost, stolen or tampered with, the website was disclaimer.

In 6, the site notice and its right to amend, update the right and right of final interpretation belongs to Chengdu equation electronic company limited.
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