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Finchos has deemed the intellectual property as its most valuable assets. Together with its subsidiary, Finchos has accumulatively declared 47 invention patents, 41 utility model patents, and 2 appearance patents, which are authorized 12 invention patents, 28 utility model patents and 1 appearance patent. There are distributing four patent groups as follows: IC Design and fingerprint identification algorithm, optical fingerprint sensor, fingerprint technology application solution, and fingerprint product mechanical structure design.

IC Design and fingerprint identification algorithm
For self-developed, self-designed and self-realized FSC700x fingerprint identification chip, Finchos has fully owned its intellectual property and obtained a sci-tech novelty retrieval report in 2009. FSC7002 fingerprint identification processor adopts dual-core architecture of 8051 microcontroller and fingerprint hardening algorithm to achieve the optimal balance of lock products in the computing efficiency and flexibility with obvious advantages of the processing time, accuracy, and total power consumption compared to similar products.

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Optical fingerprint sensor
Finchos’s independent research and development of the BLH optical fingerprint sensor employ the original design of the structure, industrial-grade components and production in line with ISO9000 quality system for production management.
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Fingerprint technology application solution
Finchos provides advanced fingerprint identification technology and a variety of solutions to the industry, such as fingerprint door lock, fingerprint safe, fingerprint attendance machine, fingerprint ukey solution.
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Fingerprint product mechanical structure design
The rationality of the design of mechanical structures in the fingerprint products is related to the success or failure of end products. Finchos has a professional mechanical structural design engineer with many years’ experience in the mechanical field and is engaged to design fingerprints cabinet, fingerprint lock, separate small fingerprint lock, and etc., many of which are recognized by clients to process mass production.
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