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I. The way of development: the unique “one, two, three, four”
One center: market-centered;
Two basic points: 1. algorithm research; 2. VLSI design
Three excesses: the income of outstanding staff should realize three excesses in the following three years.
1. Exceed their current psychological expectations;
2. Exceed their actual living standards of the day;
3. Exceed their classmates and friends of the same generation.

Four targets:
1. Capital intellectualization;
2. Knowledge capitalization;
3. Power intellectualization;
4. Labor resourcization.

II. The theory of business:  strive for excellence & realize dreams  
1. Take Intel as the model to strive for excellence;
2. Take the market as the orientation to continue innovation;
3. Take FINCHOS as the platform to realize dreams.

III. The way of learning: go its own way but no to deviate from the right track
1. Think it who dare not to think; Learn it who dare not to learn;
2. Speak it who dare not to speak; Conduct it who dare not to conduct;
3. All never deviate from the right track.

IV. The way of learning: philosophical enlightenment-- scientific approach
1. Identify problems with the spirit of exploration;
2. Analyze problems with the philosophical thinking;
3. Solve problems with the scientific approach.
V. The way of management: modulation management approach
1. Mutual independence: each performs its own functions;
2. Mutual corporation: each takes co-ordinated action.

In the field of fingerprint and security technology & products, that a series FSC7000 chips come out indicates a new development direction. It is a fundamentally key product to promote the division of labor, optimize the industrial value chain and ensure that chain participants & end users maximize the benefit. Adhering to the “innovative and pragmatic” spirits, FINCHOS regards FSC7000 series chip technology depth and maturity as the core competitiveness, building the customized hardware-based platform for partners, then jointly creating the fingerprint and the encryption & decryption security products with exclusive intellectual property rights.

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