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Founded in 2004, Chengdu Finchos Electronics Co., Ltd.(hereinafter called as Finchos) has been committed to biometric identification technology and VLSI design since that. Finchos has launched the three key departments- Fingerprint Technology Research Institute, IC Design Center and Product Solution Promotion Center.
FSC700x series fingerprint identification chip and FSC100x series semi-conductor fingerprint-swiping sensor designed and developed by Finchos are the first made ones in China.
In pursuit of technology innovation, Finchos and the subsidiary have accumulatively applied for 141 patents, among which, there are 66 patents for inventions, 69 patents for utility models, 6 patents for appearance designs, 4 recorded designs for IC layout map and 3 software copyrights. Finchos has got 64 authorized patents which are 17 patents for inventions, 42 patents for utility models and 5 patents for appearance designs. The patents are divided into four groups: fingerprint identification algorithm and IC design; semi-conductor fingerprint-swiping sensor; optical fingerprint sensor; fingerprint technology application solution and product mechanic structure design.
The fingerprint identification technology invented by Finchos has been recognized and consented among the fingerprint application industry. By the year of 2013, Finchos has already become the promoter for fingerprint application and complementation standard in China’s industrial control field, and radiates 70% market share at domestic; plays a significant role in the transformation and upgrading of China's hardware industry and covers 60% market in it. Besides, Finchos has moved positively to the field of finance and security. At the second half year of 2012, Finchos put forward fingerprint identification IP and EDK which can provide customized fingerprint identification technology solutions for clients.
Finchos is always upholding the ideology of Creating More Values for Customers. Be integrated at the different field, developing mutually and sharing profits step by step is Finchos’ long goal. Based on the fingerprint technology, Finchos would like to cooperate with our partners to build a new business model with R&D, production and sales.
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